Service Status:
All Systems Operational

General Information

  • Cut-over day will be Sunday, September 2nd at 6pm IL Time/11am EST/8am PDT) After the cut-over all emails will be routed to the new tenant accounts.
    • End users are requested to reconfigure Outlook on all computers, tablets, and mobile devices. IT Support will be given onsite and remotely.
    • For your convenience, help guides for setting up the new accounts are available online, please see links below.
  • New credentials for email account:
    • Login to your account:
      Username: [email protected] (example: [email protected])
      Password: will be sent by SMS after cutover is finalized.
      * If you have not received your password please contact your local support team.
    • Support: support teams are available from September 2nd to help with access and account setup.
CommentsRemote IT supportOnsite IT supportCutover Date/TimeSite
NAMonday, Sep. 3 from 8am IL TimeSunday, Sep. 2 at 6pm IL TimeIsrael
Need to schedule in advance, please e-mail Sheli or RonenMonday, Sep. 3 from 1am to 1pmTuesday, Sep. 4 from 8am ESTSunday, Sep. 2 at 11am ESTNYC
Need to schedule in advance, please e-mail Sheli or RonenSunday, Sep. 2 from 10pm PDT to Monday, Sep. 3 at 10am PDTTuesday, Sep. 4 from 8am PDTSunday, Sep. 2 at 8am PDTLA
  • Services Status 
    In case of general system failure, real-time announcements will be posted here on this page


  • How long is the downtime?
    The downtime depends on server update time and is expected to take 1-2 hours
    An online update will be posted on this page under Services Status
  • Will I lose e-mail?
  • Will my email address change?
    No, you will keep your existing email address.
  • Will my password change?
    Yes, new password will be sent by SMS after the cutover
  • Will mailbox and calendar sharing permissions (delegates) be migrated or will they have to be set up again?
    No, Sharing settings must be regenerated
  • Will all my contacts, notes, etc., be transferred?
    If they are stored on the server, they will be transferred along with your mail.

Setup Guide

Services Status

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